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    Swapnil Barmese
    Admit: Harvard University
    Rajiv started consulting me way back in 2011 while I was in 2nd year of my 5 year BS-MS program at IISER, Kolkata. Although I was majoring in Chemistry, I wished to pursue Ph.D. in Business Economics and Finance. I just couldn’t find any leverage to my ambitions, before I met Rajiv Sir...
  • Gaurav Bhatia, UAE
    Admit: INSEAD
    Before reaching out to Rajiv, I had read such horrendous experiences of students with their experiences with MBA Admission Consultants that I was extremely wary. My friends and colleagues who had a past experience with them in the past made me believe that MBA Admissions consultants are unscrupulous businesses, flourishing because of the naivety of a few students. ...
  • mba whiteglowconsulting
    Akshay Kargwal
    Admitted to Rotman Canada with $40000 scholarship
    Rajiv has been a great counselor and was a real asset to me when applying for b-school in many different aspects. He helped me with figuring out what schools to apply to by identifying the criteria that were really important to me...
  • mba whiteglowconsulting
    Vashistha Maheshwari
    Admit:Indian School of Business, Hyderabad
    Exchange student @ Wharton
    My experience with Mr. Rajiv Ganjoo has been tremendously useful for me not only in respect to MBA applications but also for in general career counseling. He has a sound knowledge on applying to all the major business schools in the world. he also has the right connections in...
  • Ankit Kakkar
    Admit: Babson US
    Rajiv is subject matter expert in his area. The most distinct thing about him is that unlike other counselors who give you MBA essays templates to fill up, he told us to write and present what we are. The review done on them was excellent. Finally the interview preparation and tips were very accurate and pinpoint. Although, market was bad in that time and MBA admissions were very difficult, still I was able to make it to 2 of very good US MBA colleges...
  • mba whiteglowconsulting
    Sanchit Garg
    Admit:Indian School of Business, Hyderabad
    Rajiv was always available to support me and he even helped me in my GMAT exam preparation. He always say that he believes in ethical counselling and believe me, he is 100% true to his words. No false promises, no over expectation. ...
  • Sharad Kohli
    Admit: SAID Business School, University of Oxford
    Rajiv is a true professional. I found him to be an expert in his field and very easy to work with. His problem solving attitude, intelligence, affable manners and reliability certainly made an impact on me. He is also very passionate about the education sector and I am sure he would be an asset for any organization that he works for." Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity...
  • mba whiteglowconsulting
    Ritanshu Kashyap
    Admit:ISB, Class of 2013
    Rajiv knows what to leverage in each profile. The qualitative assessment comes through the time Rajiv spends with his students - very subtly and informally he is able to gain a perspective...

Classroom Coaching in Business Environment

We offer peaceful and relaxing ambience during the classes at "The Park Hotel New Delhi". After a hectic week at work, going for classes on weekends would not be frightening due to the comfort and luxury of classroom at Veritas.

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The brand Veritas Prep is founded and is being run by the professionals across the globe. Over the years these professionals have refined these course material. If you are really serious about a good GMAT score, Veritas Prep material is a must for you.

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With the classroom coaching, you would be given access to the course material and On-Demand prep, the online coaching by the globally acclaimed best instructors for GMAT. You would also be able to take the sample GMATs, for you to be sure on the D-day.

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