Admission Counselling

We are a one stop destination for helping you shortlist universities matching your requirements and suiting your profile. Applying to universities abroad is a complex process. However, after you enrol with us, we ensure that the admissions process becomes uncomplicated and hassle-free for you. We help you find the right course and the right destination for you. We do this on the basis of your qualifications, work experience, course eligibility, and budget. We customize your schools’ selection as per your requirements. We choose the most suitable universities for you. This is followed by taking care of the entire application process. We follow this up with the universities till you secure admission in the most desired college. For you to attain the feedback on living abroad and studying abroad, we possess a vast network of students studying in foreign universities.

Services provided by the White Glow Consulting include:

  • Selection of the University: We identify the right university for you on the basis of your profile, preferences and budget. We provide you with a list of 15-20 universities and rate your chances of selection in each one of the university. Your admission counsellor then helps you to choose the exact number of schools you can apply to.  We possess the admission records of our students who have been selected by different universities. This record helps us in identification of the most appropriate universities for you.
  • Identification of Your Recommenders-We help you choose the right persons for writing your letter of recommendations. Inability to choose the correct recommender can make the university turn down your recommendation.
  • Editing Your Letters of Recommendations- For determining the quality of the student, the schools don’t just want to rely on grades, test scores and resumes. Schools evaluate the student on the basis of how well the professors, past/present employers, and other academic faculty speak about your credentials. We edit your letters of recommendations to ensure that these letters not only attain utmost importance but also speak volumes about your character and academic potential.
  • Building the Contents of Your SOP (Statement of Purpose) and Essays-With the rising test scores of the standardized test, high GPAs and many applicants with impressive resumes, applicant pools of the universities possess great candidates. Therefore, deciding about whom to accept and whom to reject becomes difficult for the admissions committees because the entire procedure involves picking the individuals not only with the highest numerical qualifications but also with an excellent calibre.

Hence, other than revealing your accomplishments you must focus on differentiating yourself from other applicants. Other than being highly qualified you need to be a unique applicant too. Your statement of purpose reveals why you’re a better candidate than the hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of others .We help you edit these.

  • Preparing Your Resume-The first impression of yours is revealed to the university through your resume. Therefore, it’s imperative for you to prepare a resume that should be impressive and well designed. We help you prepare your resume clearly by well defining your objective and purpose through its content.
  • Helping You Prepare All Your Documents-We help you prepare all your documentsincluding application forms, financial aid applications, transcripts, and financial documents.
  • Reviewing Your Online Application-It’s necessary for you to review the applications before the applications are submitted. Your application will be reviewed by our experienced application professionals for focussing on all the details and making your final application to be submitted to the university.
  • Comprehensive and Rigorous Interview Training: We provide you with the university-specific interview training.
  • Providing You With Value-Added Services–Our value added services include insurance, discounted couriers, educational loans, discounted foreign exchange, ticketing and much more.

Join the White Glow Before Your Exams:

Save on Score Reporting: At the time of taking the exam, you are being provided with the opportunity to report your GMAT scores to 5 universities for free and GRE and SAT scores to four universities for free. In case if you don’t want to avail this facility then you will be charged $15-$30 to be able to send your scores to each university later on. If you join the White Glow Consulting, we will prepare a list of universities matching your profile. We will do this prior to the exam so that you can take full advantage of the opportunity to send your scores to the universities for free.

Apply Early:  When you apply abroad, your chances of selection and getting financial aid become better if you apply early. We prepare your Statement of purpose and letter of recommendations while you prepare for your exams. This helps you to apply early.

Adequate Research Time: If you start early, you get a lot of time to research your universities thoroughly before you apply.