GRE Program Schedule

S.No. Session Title Description
1 Introduction & word list 1. Introduction to GRE, its trends & institutes. White Glow Program, session plan &How to go about the preparation. (90 mins)
2. Introduction to the prefixes- suffixes and roots.
2 Arithmetic Basic math vocabulary and definitions. Prime numbers, fractions, ratios and distance – speed.
3 Grammar 1 Intro to very basic grammar topics to falicitate overall understanding
4 Algebra Focuses on the fundamentals of algebra such as exponents, equations, inequalities and quadratic functions.
5 Analytical Writing Assessment White methodology analysis of issue ,discuss AWA scoring
6 Geometry Lines, angles triangles, circles, quadrilaterals, 3D figures and coordinate geometry.
7 Word list +SC I Intro to SC section, explain strategies and vocabulary practice.
8 Permutations and combinations Basic concepts of P & C , probability and real GRE questions
9 SC 2 + Word List Vocabulary practice and higher difficulty level questions in the section
10 Quantitative comparison Strategies to attack difficult QC questions
11 Sentence Equivalence + AWA1 Introduction to sentence equivalence questions and stratagies for problem solving.
12 Data interpretation Strategies to attack difficult DI questions
13 Introduction to Critical Reasoning Introduction to critical reasoning and basic questions
14 CR1 +AWA 2 Review of CR concept and analysing an argument task.
15 CR2 + Introduction to RC Introduction to RC stratagies and discussion of questions
16 RC2 Advanced problems in RC
17 SC + SE Review Review of all important stratagies pertaining to SC and SE.
18 Verbal Review Review of important topics in Verbal section
19 Quant Review II Review of all important concepts of Maths
20 Wordlist Verbal Review II Review of FLT and vocabulary practice