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What is the SAT?

Most of the colleges and the universities base their admissions decisions on the scores of the entrance exam, the SAT. Since majority of colleges have an underlined criterion for comparing the applicants, SAT has gained more importance. Though the test is animperative factor considered for the admission yet there are enormous other factors that are equally pivotal. These include the previous educational GPAs, letters of recommendation, participation in extracurricular activities, academic transcript, interviews and the personal essays .The weightage of the SAT scores varies from school to school but the curriculum tested remains the same.

Crack SAT With Whiteglow

SAT Classroom Training

The SAT preparation course offered by White Glow is of 9 weeks. Classes are taken twice/thrice a week and every class is of three hours forty five minutes. The course comprises of the booklets possessing intensive curriculum covering all the aspects of the exam meticulously. New batches begin every week. Please contact White Glow for knowing the date of the commencement of the new batch.

Our elaborate curriculum, carefully designed study materials and access to the online testing platform form a perfect combination for you to attain your dream score. Students have an access to the library and computer lab facilities of our centres. Complimentary admissions counselling session forms a part of the classroom training package.

SAT One on One Training

Our knowledgeable professionals prepare customized plan for meeting the needs of the students to help them identify the weak links and work on them to bridge any gap with special and personalized guidance.

Program Overview

Though each lesson booklet of White Glow is unique, yet each follows a standardized pattern. Every set describes a section followed by the methodology for mastering it. This is followed by variety of practice drills and SAT questions for strengthening the specific areas of the students. The SAT Questions given for the practice are usually divided into two parts:

  • In Class Discussions : In Class discussions comprise of the questions from the previously released SAT book. The difficulty level of these questions varies being a random mix of medium and advanced difficulty level.
  • Homework drills : Homework drills comprise of the basic content and the timed drills. These are prepared section wise. Resultantly, homework drills improve your skills necessary for any given section of SAT.

We are committed to working with the students till they acquire their target score and get admission in their dream school. Therefore, we provide a 12-month validity period for our services along with complete access to our classes, library, doubt clearing sessions and online testing platform to our students.

SAT Structure, Exam Pattern and Score Marking Blueprint
Analysis of changed SAT
Scoring 600 – 2400 400 – 1600
Sub score and Cross-test Scores available
Timing 3 Hours 45 Minutes 3 Hours (+50 minute optional essay)
Sections • Critical Reading: 200-800
• Writing: 200-800
• Math: 200-800
• Essay (included in Writing score)
• Evidence-Based Reading and Writing: 200-800
• Math: 200-800
• Optional Essay (separately scored)
Guessing Penalty 1/4 guessing penalty no guessing penalty
How can New SAT benefit you?
  • Students aren’t penalized for guessing the wrong answer
  • The essay is optional
  • The changed score report enables the students to determine their areas of weaknesses for them to know their areas of improvements
SAT Quick Facts
Frequency 7 times/year
Duration 3 hours, 50 minutes
Cost $54.50 ($43 without Essay)
Max. Score 800/section (Essay graded separately)
Select the SAT Preparation Course
Ultimate Classroom Training

The classroom training is of 9 weeks. Classes are held twice/thrice a week. Each class is of three hours.

Your personal Preparation Plan

We would customize a preparation plan tailored to your needs

Private Tutoring

You can strengthen your areas of weaknesses by availing our private one on one tutoring.

Talk to a tutoring Advisor

If you need to ask questions specific to the SAT, you can talk to our tutoring advisor.

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