Study Overseas Scholarships

Study abroad scholarships prove to be great for many Indian students aspiring for high quality education. Scholarships play a vital role for making the education affordable.

There are 5 types of study overseas scholarships:

Merit-Based – Colleges competing for the best students make the colleges offer the merit based scholarship. Therefore,merit based scholarship is granted on the basis of academic, artistic, athletic or other extracurricular based superiority.

Need-Based – Students belonging to the monetarily less fortunate backgrounds are eligible for need based scholarships. The coverage of need based scholarship ranges from full tuition fees to partial tuition fees.

Student-Specific – The minority groups being disadvantaged at some level are being provided with the opportunity to compete through financial aid. Students possessing distinct characteristics of race, gender, religion, medical issues are granted study overseas scholarships.

Career-Specific – Employers need talent possessing the calibre to perform specific skills. Universities try to produce the talent required by the employers. Therefore, students studying the listed skill shortage area are given the financial assistance.

College-Specific – For enhancement of the ideologies and knowledge systems, universities introduce programmes and study abroad scholarships. These opportunities are based on various factors like academic, personal achievements, extra-curricular activities, overall profiles, etc.

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